Adhesive chitosan


Chitosan can be used in tabacco slice glue.

Tobacco slice glue can greatly improve the combustibility of tobacco, and decrease tar and nicotine content in tobacco, reduce injurious substance, ameliorate taste and give out fragrance odor, etc. 


This sepcial chitosan can be applied in cigaret filter tip too.

As known to all that tobacco contains a lot of noxious substance, such as tar, benzopyrene, nicotia etc. Nicotia is a major plant alkaloid in tobacco , which causes excitement and then does harm to autonomic nerve and central nervous system of human body and leads to cancer. For the characteristics of strong adsorbability, chitosan can be used as sorbent in cigar filter tip. 

Compared with acetate fibre filter tip in application now, this kind of filter tip can effectively decrease harm to human body .


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