Effect of chitooligosaccharide on neuronal differentiation of neurospheres


Nantong University

Abstract Objective: To investigate the effect of chitooligosaccharide on neuronal differentiation of neurospheres. 

Methods: Chitosan is degraded into chitooligosaccharide. Its molecular weight is 1100 and can be soluble in water. The neurospheres were digested and dissociated into single cell suspension with trypsin and then divided into three groups. Two experimental groups were cultured in the above- mentioned medium with chitooligosaccharide having the concentrations of 0.1 and 0.01mg/ml,respectively. The control group was cultured in the same manner but without

Results: The length of neurite outgrowth of neurosphere cells in both experimental groups (0.01 and 0.1mg/ml chitooligosaccharide respectively) was longer than that in the control group after culture for 12 days. 

Conclusion: When chotosan was used as biomaterial to prepare artificial nerve graft, chitosan not only acts as a supporting scaffold to guide axonal growth, but also promote neuronal differentiation of neurospheres.

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