Chitosan and its derivatives in extensional and shear flows



ARTICLE TITLE Chitosan and its derivatives in extensional and shear flows
JOURAL TITLE Polymer Science Series A
PRESS Nauka/Interperiodica
WRITER (1) I. A. Strelina
(2) Z. F. Zoolshoev
(3) L. A. Nud’ga
ISSN 0965-545X (Print) 1555-6107 (Online)
PAGE 928~932
DOI 10.1134/S0965545X07080093
  Chemistry - Polymer Sciences
  Received: 2006-8-21;Revised: 2007-3-22;
ABSTRACT Allylchitosan and propylchitosan with different degrees of substitution were prepared on the basis of chitosan from shrimp chitin. The dynamics of semidilute electrolytic polymer solutions of chitosan derivatives in acetic acid was studied by measuring birefringence in extensional and shear flows and by means of viscometry. The optical shear coefficient and critical velocity gradients corresponding to the loss of stability of the macromolecular coil in extensional flow were found. The chain relaxation times depending on the polyelectrolyte concentration and ionic strength of solution were determined.

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